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Dajikesitan deputy prevent long start fear raiding already 8 soldiers and police die

Du Shang of China News Service is fastened report wil建筑模用的模板多少钱l overcome ministry of Si Tan internal affairs t川枫木业有限公司o say according to tower auspicious on September 4, tower country undersecretary of department of defense 4 days (Zhou Wu) the plan starts horror to assault incident, already affirmed 8 soldiers and police die.

According to information of department of tower internal affairs, zhou Wu has armed element armed strength to assault Dajikesitan mechanism and made of baked clay He Da are special in the center of the department of defense ministry of city internal工程模板价格 affairs, 8 soldiers and police die in this incident. This guilty activity brings about ministry of 4 internal affairs special alarm unit member and 4 Wahedate police of ministry of city internal affairs sacrifices.

Reporter of China News Service did not see in tower capital Du Shang that day, the street has gun of constabulary carry on one’s shoulder to patrol on the road. Say according to local people, du Shang ever was not in Feng Lu to set card more in the morning, check contact personnel and car, especially airport direction.

Tower president website releases an information 5 days, presidential Lahemeng discharges Abuduhalimunazaerzun heart department of defense, because its undertake guilty activity.

The word of ministry of internal affairs of tower of Russian intermediary cite says, a Buduhalimunazaerzunde and, incident is first and last by A cloth Duhalimunazaerzunde is led.

Ministry of tower internal affairs still alleges, already arrested a small gang that comprises by 6 people. In special operation, a few members of horrible gang had been arrested. Duhalimunazaerzunde conc临沂市永固木业eals A clot建筑设计报价函格式模板TRh in now, seek the job to what he reachs its partner still undertaking. Cover with tiles city of He Da spy is located in tower country capital Du Shang fas鑫如顺木业有限公司tens the eastpart工程模板 part 20 kilometers place.

Additionally Russian inter

mediary says, disclose according to重庆建筑模板公司 relevant medical personnel, share 17 people to die, but this message still is

in check in.

Duhalimunazaerzunde ever was A cloth opposition. In May 199山东省费县山德建筑模板厂2, tower government and opposition arm between erupt civil war. On June 2

7, 1997, bilateral armistice, opposition disbands armed organization, enter a government to hold the position of a post, but both绿地模板WD contradicts and solve not completely.

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