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“New view ” detector passes Pluto data to be passed want one year

Fly in historic close 模板厂quarters sweep past Pluto after nearly two months, detec

tor of date of American new view began to pass it to be in to the earth a few days ago as much as w

hat obtain in Pluto meeting valuable data.

New view date is in close quarters wi大模板工程指什么ANll flown on July 14 after Pluto before long, cengchuan answers a缝纫模板BP few high-definition image of this short planet, but 5% what these data constitute total data bulk only, in store is returned in its digital recorder bit of a few au工地装木模板安装方法IKspicious (the data of GB) .

American spaceflight bureau says, 5 daysNMSS-2020海子木业 of put into high gear begin new view date to transmit the 95% data that remain to the earth th新型 建筑模板价格多少GSis month, but earth of this detector distance exceeds 4.8 billion kilom

eter, radio signal even if advances with velocity of light, also want to exceed 4 half 昆明建筑模板公司hour ability to reach the earth, this causes transmission ra永胜木业有限公司te extremely slow, interpose atNMSS-建筑模板9.3EK every second 1 1000 bit arrive between 4木模板生产厂家BY 1000 bit, predict full data needs time ability about one year to be passed.

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