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Nepalese promulgate new constitution formally temporarily constitution immediately is abolished

Xinhua net Jia Deman Nepalese president Yadafu will announce report 20 days late on September 20 carry out Nepalese new constitution, apply 8 years ago temporarily constitution immediately is abolished.

Yadafu says, nepalese civilian the dream that realized a few years today draws up through democratic way a new constitution. He hopes at the same time, the democratic republican of new constitution establish is made, scale delegate is made further progress will get in future, ensure national politics is stable, move toward economy and social prosperity.

Subsequently, the conference that mak建筑模板十大品牌AWe statute (parliament) flourishing of the Mu 建筑木胶板价格inside the chairman announces the confer永胜木业有限公司ence that make statute is disbanded, and acting with congress. According to new constitutio

n, congress will b专业建筑模板厂家KPe in a month single out president, vice president, premier, prolocutor and vice-chairman.

Inside Mu flourishing emphasized that day, cogent fulfil new constitution to have challenge sex very much, need solidarity of each political parties and groups. In the meantime, he廊坊木业建筑模板 also admits, new constitution still is put in inadequacy, future can be revised further in practice, perfect.

Nepal广西建筑模板厂AOese temporarily the end of the year passed the parliament 2007 temporarily charter amendment. The first conference that make statute 2008 the election arises. In those days on May 28, the Nepalese conference that make statute is held first the conference, announce Nepalese for confederative and democra

tic republic, at the same建筑模板规格优质建筑模板价格AF time terminative monarch is made. The conference that make statute decides term two years formerly, main responsibility is to draft new constitution. But because struggle of main political party is constant, although adjourn again and again, the conference that make statute still fails to 建筑模板木方fulfil the mission that write constitution, disbanded finally on May 27, 2012. Established the 2nd conference that make statute in December 2013, continue to perform the task that m建筑模板尺寸国标ake statute.

(Original title: Nepalese promulgate ne

w constitution formally)

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