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American army plans to began to produce future 2030 perpendicular case fall aircraft

In report will occupy new network on September 28 report of website of science and technology of Chinese national defence, in the past in a few years, american army leaders are mixed analyst people perpendicular to future case fall aircraft (FVL) project plan undertook discussion, to this model when can helicopter get offline to hold pessimism generally forecast, be like 2040 or 2045. But recently, the new覆膜板尺寸一般是多少KQ project office of purchase of FVL of manage of American land military control this model the node target unexpectedly that helicopter begins low speed produce was in surely 2030.

American ground force is new the improvement that hold water turbine engine and future are perpendicular case fall Richard Kretzschmar of controller of aircraft project office expresses, if go well, F临沂市古城木材市场VL can enter low speed production before 2030 even. The technical maturity that American army predicts to began a by a definite date 5 years 2019 and risk reduce level, be in subsequently 2024 or began 5 years 2025 period project and production development phase, produce ready-made to began low speed 2030. From the point of experience, arrangement of this one plan reflected low to medium risk purchase process.

Kretzschmar expresses, exhausting can push FVL project, include couplet to add up to multipurpose (JMR) machine of technical test and verify brings to bear on influence. Project of JMR technology test and verify is a job木工模板厂家SG of science and technology that aims to understand prospective helicopter technology and feature, this future helicopter should be in to be a

ble to bear have below cost frame low uphold requirement, and speed and rang

e should turn over times. Boeing / Xikesiji group and Bell / Luo Ma group is creating opportunit

y of experiment of a flight respectively, will at 2017 money year to 2019 money year undertake flying checking. The result of JMR test and verify defines army of help United States its FVL product requirement. If define the demand that give and JMR demand to be close to, plan of that FVL project shifts to an earlier da中国建筑模板te possibly still. But if both differ bigger, mean industrial department to still need to undertake study the work in great quantities in FVL project early days, the degree that because machine of test and verify of this JMR technology promotes a technology,matures will affect follow-up FVL develop the work.

Director of project of FVL of company of shellfish Er helicopter also thinks is a chance that boosts a project quickly at present, the job that having as JMR is same, maturity of technology of project of put up with and the job that wind drops level to should be begun nearly spread out discuss. Two groups that participate in project of JMR technology test and verify are undertaking the risk drops the job at present, it is the test that passes opportunity of pair of flight test and verify not only, still make through component, make design, economy for instance but endurance design.

Nevertheless, although FVL project can in advance enters low合肥建筑模板AZ speed production, measure ahead of schedule also will arrive one year two years only. Kretzschmar expresses, 2030 is effort target, after investmen辽宁建筑模板公司t begins FVL project will have greater ongoing power. The project office of Kretzschmar holds water thi咬合桩导墙模板出租s year in May, be subordinate to belongs to the aviation project of American army to carry out the office, responsible superintendency FVL and improve turbine engine these two projects, this action also is regarded as American army to begin to treat its research and development to plan the job of translate into product seriously. Kretzschmar wants to made decision of research and development of equipment of a FVL in October 2016, the equipment that start selects plan analysis. American army has not 建筑模板一般多少钱BLexpressed publicly to may choose where helicopter undertake developing above all. Final, american army will give a future in the development in FVL project perpe广西建筑木模板前十名名称ndicular a heavy helicopter is familial, in order to replaces current general, armed scout, attack and heavy-duty helicopter aircraft group, but synchronism does not begin this research and development of a series of products. (Zhu Shiyong临沂市君利木业有限公司贸易部)

Original title: American army plans to began to produce future 2030 perpendicular case fall aircraft

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