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Russia denies air attack talk ” freedom army ” do not think its are horrible organization

Xieergailafuluofu says Russia Foreign Ministe找建筑织木模板AGr 1 day, the Syria that Russia just does not think Syrian opposition is me工地模板施工KHdium freedom army is horrible organization, deny Russian army air attack secondhand freedom army target. Russia arms in the light of the extreme such as Mohammedan country in Syria and the air attack of horrible organization was entered that day th

e following day. A branch weighs freedo

m army, a base that they visit in Yidelibo suffers air attack twice. This armed member ever accepted American CIA to train in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, purpose since for antagonism Mohammedan country, also be to topple seat of government of benevolent rul英成木业有限公司e of Sa of A of Ba Sha Er. And the view according to Russia department of defense, the one office command post that Russian army opportunity for combat eliminated terrorist late on September 30宿迁建筑模板公司 to be saved缝纫模板BP in Yidelibo and ammunition library. On 1 day of press conferences that hold in U.N. , lafuluofu did not deny Russian army opportunity for combat to atttack freedom army base directly, say however, russia just does not think freedom arm汉中模板厂y is horrible organization, and will the one share that freedom army and other and patriotic Syrian opposition public figure regard Syrian problem politics as the solution. Lafuluofu emphasizes,

of target of Russian army air attack and American dominant return Mohammedan country international combination alignment is 建筑模板施工same, it is org全州模板anization of Mohammedan country, base in appraise branch extreme of s建筑木胶板价格upportive alignment etc is organized. If a person looks like terrorist, the thing that do resembles terrorist, walk along a road t常用建筑模板及规格o resemble terrorist, hit battle come more like terrorist. He is terrorist, right?

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