The whole world is the oldest and alive the male is closed during 112 years old of World War II concentration camp

Login register whole world of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is the o工地装木模板标准ldest and alive male closed during 112 years old of World War II: of concentration camp origin? ?2016-03-12 16:0 of huge rock of dazzle blade contra山东省烨鲁木业有限公司ctionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] the Israel dweller that at present the oldest man is the whole world 112 years old Yisilaer Kelisidaer.

In new network on March 12 report, according to coverage of Russia satellite network, 11 days, world record encyclopedia announces Jinisi formally, the Israel dweller that at present the oldest man is the whole wor模板的配板步骤ld 112 years old Yisilaerkelisidaer.

Israel dweller of 112 years old Yisilaerkelisidaer. Data chart

Website of encyclopedia of record of auspicious Nisi world releases a messa覆膜厂家ge to say: World record encyclopedia will decide Jinisi today, mr Yisilaerkelisidaer that comes from Israel sea law is the alive man with the oldest whole world at present. Up to his age was 178 days 0 112 years old on March 11, 2016, because this wins this title.

Kelisidaer ever was locked up to be in du

ring World War II different concentration camp, include concentration camp of Ao Siwei laborious among them. When concentration camp is liberated his weight has 37 kil新型建筑模高唐县众发木业有限公司板ograms only.

When Kelisidaer obtains letter in the home in law of sea of Israel north city, say: I do not know macrobian secret. I believe those who had arranged to this is God, why is we 建筑模板规格also do not know forever such. Have the person of cleverer than me, strong He Yingjun, they had d建筑模板价格SFied.

He says: Those who remain is continue to work below possible circumstance.

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