2017 Paris boat spreads out act 2017 Paris boat extends time + boat exhibits a place

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Exposition of aerospace of the 52nd Paris (boat of Paris of the following abbreviation is exhibited) what will be on June 19 Paris is Boer rest the airport kicks off formally. The international boat that regards the whole world as the most negative great reputation is exhibited, t西安建筑模板公司he elite inside the property that the Parisian boat that biennially holds exhibits total meeting to attract global aerospace domain will this is revealed and have business affairs communication.

The model of Gu eagle opportunity for combat that Chinese aviation industry brings

The boat this year is exhibited, share the 2400 enterprises ginseng that comes from global each district to exhibit, include the 15 China company that heads with company of group of Chinese aviation industry among them, area of square total exhibition occupies 1900 square metre about in. Chinese aviation industry has been successive the 5th second ginseng is exhibited, among them pterodactyl II does not have man-machine this year in Feburary De Caigang Gang Shoufei, outside expediting full measure model this to enter a house 是什么建筑模板static exhibit, additional the

4th acting multipurpose of Chinese of very fetching attent工程木地板JDion concealed body权明木业有限公司 battleplan model of Gu eagle opportunity for combat, also exhibit in Parisian boat first appear.

Zhang Xinguo of vise general manager of company of group of Chinese aviation industry is in exhibit a stage to accept media group visit

The pterodactyl II that China produces enters a house without model of man-machine full measure outside static exhibit

Just obtain the dragon of French president mark that gets the better of completely greatly in national parliament vote also in spirits, early in the morning will to boat exhibited the spot to attend an opening ceremony, t建筑订模板SEook transport plane of for military use empty guest A400M. Subsequently he still visited French air fo

rce to exhibit area and boat to exhibit salon, the representing that hold Masipeisikai and French medium and small businesses in the palm with the French astronaut that just finishs aerospace to walk ate lunch in all.

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er to come on stage advocate processing punishs sheet to squeeze broken head police: Need not gather together Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-06-15 news recrea建筑模板批发市场AUtion

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