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U.N. of Xinhua News Agency on June 21 report (Shi Xiaomeng of reporter Ni Gongmei) U.N. secretary-general Guteleisi makes a statement 21 days, urgent appeal begins a military affairs to act in Syria each just do his be山东裕林合肥建筑模板AZ木业有限公司st protective civilian and civil establishment, be in the district that draws工程覆膜模板 the war aggravate such as card especially. (: of Syrian condition latest news? Is swan  spruce  cuts? of the Su that achieve

You into parts who and who is hit? )

Guteleisi expresses, syrian civilian tremendous anguish makes susceptive he feels anxious. Civilian is killed continuously,

send, lose home. Area of refugee inhabit a region, hospital, school suffer assault continuously. In the civilian that plays card by besiege, be faced with menace; Be in a few otherer by besiege area, a lot of civilian lack food and support of primary medical treatment for a long time.

Guteleisi is urgent what the appeal begins a military affairs to act in Syria is all each just do his best protective civilian and civil establishment, the appeal comes to help each for humanitarian offer advantage, make the civilian of urgent need deliver建筑模用的模板多少钱BZance can obtain a help in time.

Increased Mohammedan to extreme organization country to draw the blow strength of card in main fortified point of Syria each recently. Have report, the League of Nations of American dominant block山东鑫荣泰建筑模板材料有限公司

权明木业有限公司ed the air attack of the area to cause numerous and civilian casualties and become destitute and homeless to 是什么建筑模板ACpulling recently.

Outspread read: : of Syrian condition latest news? Does " attack Mohammedan state of? of a bow drawn to the full of  of a stone needle used in acupuncture in ancient China: of l装配式建筑模板atest news of condition of Syria of Dai Erzu Er? Does army of? of  of twin of plutonium of mass spectra of Qiang of  of swan of parrot of narrow one's eyes of dog of faint of建筑模板模板价格BT San of spruce serve of  of swan of  of discharge   pull armistice 48 hours in heart of appraise south city: of Syrian co模板报价单BJndition latest news?

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