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Driving house car female model of round-the-world trip Australia and dream of male friendly implementation

In re生产建筑模板厂家port will occupy new network on June 腹膜模板23 Australia network coverage, driving house car and beloved person together the ultimate dream that round-the-world trip is a lot of people, but the person that realizes this dream truly is not much however. Nevertheless Australia model peaceful is strapped (Sophie Taylor) is strapped with cost of male friendly Gu De (Aaron Goodfellow) was spent 1000 much bay yuan realized this dream.

Taylor of 24 years old comes from new administr模板支撑厂家ative division this year Wamberal area, recently, taylor and male friendly flower 900 bay yuan bought a minibus, two people were spent again 450 bay yuan make its 工地装木模板标准

car of a house.

Above all, two people changed to the car a more driving motor, carpet and woodiness furniture were arranged inside the car again later, acquired again finally a piece of double bed, kitchen and clothes tree. In addition, taylor and male friend still installed the ceiling and panoramic glass, such by day when natural light is OK illuminate comes in.

Transform in what pass a few weeks hind, two people are driving eventually the brigade that this house car began Europe. Upload in them can see in the photograph to gregarious media, two people often live in the area that is full of different region amorous feelings, perhaps sit beside bonfire to build tent to camp. Up to arrive at present, two people are driving the house car that oneself change his costume or dress already travel 2000 much kilometers.

The report says, the inspiration that Taylor and male friend want to begin house car to travel comes from the interest of two people to like. “We like to explore and accept other culture, so we like to travel and work in abroad, we are known in abroad, ” Gudefeile says, “Very lucky we闽合桂木业有限公司 encounter in the pla是什么建筑模板ce that is far from respective motherland, we are in at that time Swiss Verbier hotel of a high-quality goods works, will go vacationing in May this year after season ends, we work hard and put money, such山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司 next summer we can work by the side of edge travel again. Such next summer we can work by the side of edge travel again..

The report says, taylor and male friend s附近批发模板BHet out from Spain, the way is Moroccan and forward the direction of the Sahara region ma

rchs, all the way they passed France, Italy, and stil建筑模板价格AWl holding the red wine that Sikanapin tasted a tunnel in the palm.

It is reported, this two people next destination is Keluodeya, it is Slovenian, Austria and Germany next, again later it is Belgium, Holand, Denmark and Sweden. “Although we leave建筑方木模板AM, is same a car, but everyday the life is different, early morn

ing and the prospect that see towards evening are startling. We can see wild animal, ocean and the ocean wave that are boasted by gentle breeze, our life is very simple. ” Gudefeile says.

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